The Best Casino Affiliate Programs of 2021

When we say that the casino industry in 2021 is big, we really do mean big. Growing over the past several decades, anticipation for the latest games has reached a fever pitch, with industry profits set to be more than a jaw-dropping $90 billion by 2024. Putting land-based casino play in the rear-view mirror, online casino play is the dominating, as millions log-on to the world’s leading online casinos every single day.

Many affiliates have labelled online gambling as “taboo” in the past, but the tide isn’t just turning, it’s turned. Gambling affiliates are the lifeblood of the gaming industry, with many raking in the cash simply by pointing players in the right direction. Putting it simply, without casino affiliate programs the best casino sites wouldn’t be hitting the heights that they are.

There are a huge number of casino affiliate programs out there, but the key to getting the most cash for your affiliate effort comes down to picking the right one. That’s where we step in, we’re on hand to make sure you know what casino affiliate programs deliver the goods and what casino affiliate schemes fall short of the mark.

What is an Affiliate Program?

We understand that a lot of you might be new to gaming affiliate programs – don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere. For those not in the know, an online casino affiliate program (sometimes listed as associate program) is a system where individuals are able to earn commission on the traffic they send to a particular gambling site when a pre-arrangement agreement is in place.

Putting this in layman’s terms (and making it more casino specific), the idea is you get a commission for sending a player to a particular online casino. It sounds simple and that’s because it generally is. You can use your own means, through websites, direct marketing, referrals, and more as a means to generate leads for online casinos. Joining a casino affiliate program is a great way to put your affiliate marketing skills to good use and get paid along the way.

5 Fast Affiliate Marketing Facts

  • Affiliate marketing program revenues have increased by 10% year-on-year since 2015
  • Over 31% of affiliates are aged 35-44, while 12% are aged 55 and above
  • More than 80% of brands depend on affiliate programs
  • 81.82% of affiliates work use affiliate marketing as a side or main income
  • 51% of web surfers now say that they are likely to engage more via mobile devices
Best Casino Affiliate Programs
US Market: No, Negative Carryover: No
5.0 rating
Commission: Up to 60%, US Market: No, Negative Carryover: No
5.0 rating
Commission: Up to 40%, US Market: No, Negative Carryover: No
4.8 rating

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

There are countless online casino affiliate programs out there – we’ll look at the best we have seen below – but more on that later. For now, let’s look at the main three you’ll face in CPA, CPL, Revenue Share (often listed as just Rev Share):

  • CPA – You’ll be paid every time a player visits a casino via a link on your site
  • CPL – You’ll be paid whenever a player registers through a link on your site
  • Revenue Share – You’ll be a paid percentage of what a player loses, as long as they registered through a link on your site

Revenue share is by far the most common model of affiliate program around, as it’s probably the most engaging and tempting amongst casino affiliates. That being said, here’s a friendly word of warning, be aware of negative carryover when you sign-up to a revenue share-driven online casino affiliate program. How negative carryover works is that when your player loses, you get paid, but when he wins, you take a hit. This can leave you with a negative balance on your account and attempting to claw it back.

Most revenue share affiliate programs will wipe a negative balance at the end of each month, but some don’t, so be careful out there and do your best not to be caught out by negative carryover. As they say, always read the fine print so you know exactly what you are signing up for – this is especially true when dealing with a casino affiliate program.

How Do I Become a Casino Affiliate?

It’s really, really simple to get involved. You’ll need to go through what is usually a quick registration process. Submit all your details, the casino will then check them over, and bar anything crazy, you’ll be a casino affiliate, with your own tracking links and be ready to earn.

Becoming a registered online casino affiliate is easy enough, but becoming a successful online casino affiliate is a little bit more difficult, as you’re going to need a resource, such as a website, to help drive traffic. It is strongly advised that you create your own website to help showcase the casinos you are promoting. Think of it as a shop window, so potential players can understand the best casino sites around and pick the one (or more) that they like – earning you money in the process.

With a website to your name, you can build further through social media and direct email marketing. These methods will allow you to connect to potential players directly, making your casino recommendations feel for personal and – as a result – more reliable.

Building up a strong foundation as an affiliate takes time, but trust us when we say that the rewards are well worth it, especially if you’re able to start beating other affiliates to the whales around.

5 Reasons to Become a Casino Affiliate

  • Low-cost set-up
  • No fee or licensing requirements
  • No previous sales or marketing experience required (but it does help!)
  • No inventory required
  • Huge business expansion potential

What Are The Best Casino Affiliate Programs?

There are so many affiliate programs out there, it can be tough to know where to go, but fear not, as we’re here to help. The following are the best three casino affiliate programs around right now and are well worth taking a look at.



  • Commission:
  • US Market: No
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Cookie Duration: –

Starting at the very top, Funfair delivers a casino affiliate program with a difference. Once you’ve joined, you don’t just have one casino site you can earn affiliate commissions through, you have three top casino brands to promote – CasinoFair, KingTiger, and CryptoCasino. That’s right, one affiliate program, three top casino brands to recommend, and a big chance to make some major returns.

FunFair cover all the usual bases of a casino affiliate program, expect lifetime commissions, guaranteed revenue, and no hidden fees here, but there is something that gives it the edge over the competition. Instant withdrawals here really do mean instant withdrawals, as the affiliate payouts here are nothing short of lightning-fast. You really can’t go wrong with FunFair as a casino affiliate program, as the games found in the casino brands under its umbrella make it easy to promote to players.



  • Commission: – Up to 60%
  • US Market: No
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Cookie Duration: –

FortuneJack is another big-time name on the casino affiliate scene. The tag line of “Bring More Players, Make More Money” tells you plenty, although the setup of the scheme feels a little complicated at times, as it allows you mix and match different affiliate scheme setups until you find what works for you, it is certainly not a casino to be ignored. The personalized commission plans are an impressive feature, as you can go for a CPA and hybrid deal if you wish. We’re particular fans of the creative tools that FortuneJack supply, as they’ll really help you promote the casino and its games in the right way to players.

Take the above and put it together with exclusive bonus offers, unique landing page builds, “Club 40” rev-share boost, and quick withdrawals, and what you have is the recipe for an impressive affiliate scheme that has plenty going for it.



  • Commission: – Up to 40%
  • US Market: No
  • Negative Carryover: No
  • Cookie Duration: –

Experienced, powerful, and a real force in the online casino world, BitStarz casino was the first casino ever to allow for both standard currency and cryptocurrency play through the same platform. We found the casino’s affiliate program to be just as trendsetting. Just take the income calculator found on the affiliate page, which gives you a very clear idea of what you can make – it’s safe to say that we’re big fans of the no-nonsense affiliate program approach.

The downside is that the commission rate is up to 40%, which is a touch low side compared to say Mansion affiliates, but BitStarz casino does plenty to make up for this with speedy withdrawal times, tremendous creative support through graphic design and written content, and a knowledgeable account manager. Plus, the casino offers a staggering 2,600 games to players, so in many ways, BitStarz is one of those online casinos that sells itself.

Casino Affiliate Program FAQ
A: Well, there are lots of different reasons, whether it be setting up as a full-time venture or using an affiliate scheme as a means to make some extra income. Anyone that tries their hand at casino affiliate marketing will have their own goals in mind. In many ways, that’s the beauty of an online casino affiliate program, you get out what you put in.

A: Some affiliates might just provide you with a tracking link for referrals, but the reality is that you are going to need some form of website or platform to show the casino that you are a legitimate affiliate. Remember, a casino doesn’t want just anybody advertising them, as it could potentially do more harm good, so you need to prove that you mean business with a dependable platform that includes a privacy policy and other essential features.

Thankfully, setting up a casino affiliate platform isn’t that difficult, as anybody can throw together a half-decent looking website these days, with there being plenty of templates around to help you get started. Your website is your shop window, so if you really do want to become a successful affiliate and beat other affiliates to the most profitable players you’re likely going to need one, along with other proven marketing tools.

A: We touched on it earlier, but we understand that you might need a little bit more information. Revenue share sees you earn a percentage of a player’s losses at online casinos, so for you to get paid they need to fall short. For example, if you have a revenue share agreement at an online casino of 25%, for every $100 a player losses you’ll earn $25, with a $1 or $2 likely knocked off this figure due to associated costs. It's pretty basic really, affiliates under rev share agreements don't need masses of players to sign-up through their links, all they need is a select number of big gamblers in order to generate a hefty income.
A: Revenue share programs are the better option should you have your eye on becoming a long-standing affiliate, but don’t discount a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) agreement if you are thinking a little more short term. This deal is based upon securing returning depositing players (RDPs) for the casino, with there being a minimum deposit amount in effect. As long as the player makes that minimum deposit, you’ll earn the agreed amount.
A: Very much in the old school advertising domain, a CPL deal stands for cost per lead. Basically, under the terms of CPL you’ll get a payment for each player you link to the casino that goes on to register. The amount you’ll get will likely to be minimal, with the goal here to get large volumes to register – think quality over quantity. Affiliates tend to avoid CPL agreements in this day and age, as month-to-month it can make returns extremely volatile, but if you have the right affiliate client base, marketing tools, and plenty of patience, there is no reason that anybody can't make an online casino affiliate program such as this work.